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Why register your accommodation or your service? puts you back in control.

You can advertise your accommodation via our website, share your email, phone number and your website link. We create your accommodation profil so more and more people will reach you directly who plan to travel to Zakopane.

All inquiries directly to you from the profile page of your accommodation. Your website visibility will grow with the potential future guests.

You dictate your prices, have complete control over your calendar and have unfettered access to your potential guests. People can reach you directly.

We would like to recommend your accommodation to our visitors, growing fastly daily bases.  Hundreds of followers join us every week to share their experiences and get information on our site.

  • Increase the number of your guests
  • Free or Low annual fee for promotion-depends from the package
  • Modern responsive portal
  • No commission, no Intermediary
  • is growing in popularity
  • Share your offers, discounts, promotions
  • Thousands of Instagram Followers
  • All inquiries directed to you
  • Free registration
Your Accommodation Profil

You can itroduce your accommodation and services to your future guests. We will create a link to the page, that you can easily use and share.

No comission

You can save a lot more money if you don't have to pay a comission for each booking. You can reach thousands of people in exchange for a minimal amount annually.

Share your contact details

We share your contact details as phone number, e-mail, your website so people will easily reach you directly.

Featured Category Listing

You will appear on the homepage as one of only 10 featured properties for 7 days.These are booked on a first come first served basis and get very booked up.

Forward the guest request

We forward the guest request automatically from our site, so you may increase your bookings.

Share your promotions, special offers

You can share your promotions, offers via our Website & Facebook page.

Registration only 6 steps

1. User Registration- FREE

Registration is subject to approval.

User Registration Confirmed

Please check your email, your registration is approved.

2. Read our offer + Package details

After you logged-in: "My Account"--> Membership


You have a "Registered" Membership which is available till 1 year. You can explore " Our Service" , " Privacy Policy" inside the CONTENT area, and you can register your accommodation FREE or you can choose Advanced or Premium package.

3. Purchase

You can purchase Advanced and Premium membership with package. Check the package details and purchase. You can add additional offers as well. If you choosed FREE--> just send the required information."Porperty Registry "

Add the package into your cart

After added a package (Advanced) --> Fill the billing information --> Read and Accept Policies

4. Payment

You can pay with your Credit Card or via your Paypal account

Check your email after payment

You will receive the order confirmation and receipt via email.

5. Order status: Completed

Check your order status: Click on " My Account"-->"Orders"

Send your Accommodation' info

You are an " Advanced" or "Premium" Member .Fill in the " Property register. . My account page--> "Property Register"

6. Accepted your contents-Online

Verification is required before your Accommodation will be Online.

Your Accommodation is online

We will send a link of your accommodation page --> You can share it


Read on if you want to know more about the Product. Find all useful information from all the elements.
Webpage advertisement
We create your Accommodation' profile on our page and generate a direct link to you.
Forwarded Message
The guest can send you a message from your Profile page so you automatically receive all inquiries, directly from the site.
Contact details sharing
We add your contact details on your Accommodation' page (email, phone, website) so the guests will reach you directly.
Direct link to your website
We will redirect the guest to your website. This will increase your website traffic and potential interested parties.
Google map
Guests easily check your Accommodation's location.
Additional advertising options
You can share discounts and promotions on our website & the Facebook page of as long as you are a member.
Featured Category Listed
You will appear on the homepage as one of only 10 featured properties for 7 days.These are booked on a first come first served basis and get very booked up