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Winter Adventure

Zakopane in Winter

Winter adventure

In the winter, thousands arrive in Zakopane to skii. Especially around Christmas and in February. The best snow conditions are between January and also late of April.  Though sometimes Kasprowy Wierch is open for siing into early May. All in all the most popular adventure spots are Kasprowy Wierch, Nosal and Gubałówka Hill.


If you are looking for other winter programs another key point, some ideas for winter adventure especially: skiing, skating, thermal bathing, snowmobil,  or dog /Husky sleigh ride, cross-country skiing, horse sleigh ride (kuli), hiking.

Hiking Trails, Winter Adventure:

Best adventure trips from Zakopane following:

  1. Dolina Pieciu Stawow (Lenght: 9,3km, Time: time: 2h10, easy). The trail starts at Palenica Bialczanska. The most beautiful valley in the Tatras indeed.
  2. Dolina Chocholowska (Lenght: 7,3km, Time:2h, easy). Chocholowska Valley is the largest and the longest valley in the Tatras. Generally easy walks with kids or elderly people.
  3. Dolina Gasiennicowa (Lenght: 5km, Time:1,5h, easy). Dolina Koscieliska is another pleasant and comfortable valley esepcially for families with kids. At the end of the route, you will reach the Ornak Mountain Hut.
  4. Morskie Oko (Lenght: 9,3km, Time:2h, easy). It sits deep within the Tatra National Park.It is the largest lake in the Tatras.
  5. Rysy (Length: 12,4km, Time:6h30, moderate). The trail starts at Palenica Bialczanska.This is a trek suitable for only experienced hikers especially in good physical conditions.
  6. Orla Perc (ength: 4km, Time:7h, difficult, dangerous). The route goes mostly along the mountain ridge from Zawrat to Krzyzne. It is suitable only for experienced climbers surely. The route is a ridge traverse therefore with metal chains and ladders and rock scrambling.
  7. Czerwone Wierchy (Length: 15,2km, Time:8h50, moderate). It is very attractive 1 day hiking route.Start the trail at Koscieliska Valley and follow the red trail from Kiry to Ciemniak and Kopa Kondracka.
  8. Kasprowy Wierch (Length: 7,5km, Time: 3h, easy/moderate). The hike starts at Kuznice and takes approximately 2,5 hours.During winter, Kasprowy Wierch is a hot spot for skiers with two popular ski lifts.
  9. Zawrat (Length: 9,5 km, Time:4h30, moderate/difficult- from Zmarzly Staw -rock climbing). The trail starts at Kuznice and goes through Boczan, Valley Gasiennicowa and Black Pond.It is not very challenging route, however you need to be an advanced hiker to reach the top.
  10. Koscielec (Length: 18km, Time:10h, difficult). The trails starts at popular Kuznice and goes through Murowaniec in Gasiennicowa valley, Black Pound, then up to Karb and to the summit of Koscielec.The last part of the route is very strenuous, especially as it includes rock scrambling. 
Have a rest after an Adventure
Thermal Bath- Bukovina

It’s a magical place, the one and only right at the feet of the Tatra Mountains. Therefore Your oasis of peace and kingdom of fun in the Thermal Baths of BUKOVINA. The view of the Tatra National Park, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.You will find it in Bukowina Tatrzańska, 15 km from Zakopane and 20 km from Nowy Targ.

In the BUKOVINA Thermal Baths,  Guests do enjoy recreational and professional pools – both inside and outside! All of them are filled with the soothing thermal water of 30 – 38 degrees C.
Besides, there are numerous sauna options and steam baths as well as hundreds of crazy water slides.

Aqua Park -Zakopane

Open-Air Recreational-Medical Thermal Pool

An excellent alternative for the swimming pool hall at Aqua Park Zakopane. It is the open air swimming pool. This water temperature is 32oC. It provided  fun outdoors, even when the outside temperature is -10oC. A unique chemical content of the water  decides of its medical properties. Hence, bathing in it helps fight such as rheumatic conditions. An undeniable advantage of this swimming pool is also the picturesque view on the Tatry Mountains.


A Finnish sauna is a small room with wooden benches arranged in the form of stairs. 
Biosauna is also beneficial for people with hypertension, and hypersensitivie circulatory vessels.
In a saline sauna, inhalation and aromatherapy, visits at the sauna positively affect the flow capacity of the airway.
Staying in a steam bath can turn into a rite for the body and senses of several tens of minutes.